[Watchface] JH|Squaronaut 2020

I would like to renew some old designs !
Let’s start with my Squaronaut I did in 2018 … 2 years later, I changed a lot of things:

  • New hands … actually, the ones I found in the initial model … I didn’t use it and I’m still wondering why :slight_smile:
  • Reshaped the bezel,
  • Add some shadows for better depth effect,
  • New background with bump effect,
  • Improve the anodized metallic texture,
  • New weather pixelated icons instead of the old facer stock pictures,
  • Digital fonts / Red color for DIM,
  • Improve the hands drop shadow (no auto function)
  • reorganized the layers in my blender file … what a mess I did in the past !!!





Very nice!

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Thanks a lot @ThaMattie!

that’s cool! I like the before/after comparison :slight_smile: Definitely more refined graphics in the new edition!

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Thanks @kvansant ! Thanks to Facer, I discovered the 3D modeling in 2018. This design was one of the very first I did with Blender and watchfaces was more an exercise to apply what I learnt !!! Happy to see my progresses with this software I really like.

I respected here the original design but to be honest I found it too symmetric. Part of the reedition challenge is to comply with what I did in the past :slight_smile:
The next reedition should be my Sherlock I did even earlier with Inkscape