[Watchface] JH | Star Fight --> 5k Syncs!

Hi there,
So proud to reach this amazing number on syncs… in the past 31 days :partying_face:
Thanks to all my followers and everyone who are downloading my works :slight_smile:


congrats! That’s a lot of syncs!

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Thanks a lot @kvansant !!!
Now you are Partner, you could propose my name :wink:

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Wow well done! Great work on that.

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Many thanks @dubblebee !
in the meantime, a second one reached that number :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This is a great look. I’m having trouble syncing to a Galaxy Watch. It says it is sent but doesn’t show up on my watch or in my WEAR app on my NOTE10 phone. Any suggestions ??

Thanks @dte230 !
It happens sometimes. What works for me is to switch off and on the bluetooth and restart the facer app on my phone. Then, I make sure the app and my watch are paired. Last, I resend the design from my laptop or from my phone.

congratulations !

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Thanks a lot @oregon900 !

Congratulations! Can you share any tips on reaching that milestone? What do you think is the biggest driver in adding new syncs (creating new content, sharing on Facer, promoting on external platforms, etc)?

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Thanks @MolecularOrange!
I’ve been featured for 2 watchfaces in the same day. It gives a very high visibility on the facer platform.
Then, this face reached the Top05 during at least 1 week … even better !
To maintain the rank, I tried to publish regularly on instagram and facebook … not sure it works for the syncs but I’ve seen a difference on the number of followers. It helps a lot when publishing a new design.

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