[WatchFace] JH | Zagato DB4GT

Hi There,

I post here my latest design dedicated to the Aston Martin DB4 :wink:
Hope you will like it.


Love the rear view mirror design, great layout and design!

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I love it! Not the type of watch face I use to wear but, it’s a work of art for sure. I like how things are twitching about as if the vehicle was making everything vibrate by sheer horse power. Great stuff!

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Many thanks @cdownie1967 and @AllenMiquel !!!

I wonder, does the image in the rear-view mirror change based on the actual weather condition? 'cause if so that’s genius, and yet another thing to love about this o/

EDIT: Well, rather, the front glass xD sorry can’t think of the actual word in English :stuck_out_tongue:

Front glass works for me :wink:
Yes, I used the weather complication tool provided by Creator and changed the icons by weather pictures taken “on the road”.


really good and original design, love it

Thanks a lot @frankyarg !