Watchface lags/pauses when tilting wrist - Gear S3 (Tizen-wide?)

The bug: when you tilt your wrist to view your watchface (AOD off) you watchface will briefly flash the previous state of the watchface before the screen turned off. The lag lasts for 1-2 seconds. For example, say at 6:01 I look at my watchface, then at 6:05 I look at it again. The watchface will briefly display what it looked like at 6:01, the quickly jump back to what it currently look like.

How to recreate: Use watchface on Gear S3, tilt wrist to view watchface.

Bug appears on: Gear S3, most likely Galaxy Watch, Gear S2, Gear Sport, etc. The other watches need testing.

When the bug started appearing: As of a recent update. I can’t recall which one, but it defiantly started after the new year and most likely the end of January.

This is a really annoying bug, and is why I am porting my faces to other platforms that do not have this bug.

Thanks for your report! This is a known bug and we have engineers allocated to fixing this issue next week. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you very much! Awesome support team!