[ Watchface ] Le Black C(h)at Noir - Halloween

My wife’s been asking me to do a cat themed watch lately and I’ve been doing a lot of Halloween watchfaces so… VOILA!

EDIT: Inspired by Théophile Steinlen’s 1896 poster Le Chat Noir


Really cool. I like the lightning effect. Gotta figure how to do that. I have a idea but not 100% sure.

I have inspection mode turned on if you want to see how I did it.

The lightning layer transparency is set to:
(sin(#DWE#wakeRand(30,100)-wakeRand(0, (wakeRand(3,10)(pi*2))))*30+30)

I have duplicate lightning layer with the X set to randomly move to simulate shaking:
X: (rand(158,162))
Transparency: (sin(#DWE#wakeRand(30,100)-wakeRand(0, (wakeRand(3,10)(pi*2))))*30+30)

I also have a black layer on top of everything else that fades in and out to make it less intense.

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I’ve gotten some feedback requesting another version of the watch, one where the cat doesn’t fade into the background and is always visible (both active and dim)

So I’ve tweaked the design and added a window to the design.


I prefer the first version! Very nice work and cool coding!

Honestly, me too, but my wife asked for it as well as some users :slight_smile:

It looks better on square watches as well.


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Ah. Ok. Wife goes first! :slight_smile:

I know that iron rule.

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