[WatchFace] Le Mans Red

My latest face…

All feedback is greatly appreciated


Hey this looks great, I really like how you incorporated a steering wheel. My feedback would be that it appears as if you have a watch and phone battery meter but I cant easily tell which is which. I definitely like how you did the meters but maybe put a label on them somehow. Also I found it a bit distracting that all the text is horizontal but just the distance and steps are diagonal but that’s just me. All in all Great work though. I do really like it.

Thank you… Watch battery level is left, phone right… (like the dim face). I did put a label but it didn’t ‘feel’ good so I removed it :slight_smile: I agree with you concerning the horizontal and diagonal text, but by placing steps horizontal the numbers became too small. I’ll try to find a solution for that.

Yeah that was my guess about the diagonal text, that it didn’t fit otherwise. I’m not sure what else to do but It’s not necessarily a problem though.