[WatchFace] LED v100 Series (Animated)

All 3 versions have a blue and pink option. There’s various animation options for thoes that like fancy animations or simple. I really enjoyed making these faces and love how they turned out. I will for sure be making more with this concept. Thank you to @Tomas who helped me with some of the animation and to @Mellin who helped me with some of the code. (One of Mellins part must be added later because I didn’t get his post until after I published them but thank you none the less. Hope you all enjoy as much as I do.

Orakix - LED v100 Blue - Flat Black - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

PS. I hope the animations aren’t laggy because I posted 3 faces in one thread. They shouldn’t lag on your watch. Also, I posted 3, why is one a link and the other two are previews?


Love the on wake animation! Nice work!


Thank you! It was a lot of fun to make this series. I can’t wait to work on the 200 series.

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Very good animations! I like!!!


These look great. But the funny thing is on my watch (Ticwatch E), by the time the initial animation is done, it only shows the time for less than a second before the screen times out! :slight_smile:

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You need to get the StayLit app. A very worthwhile purchase for some of these longer animations.

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@curiouskangaroo Yeah I know that can be a pain but like @eradicator09 said, Staylit is glorious. I just found out about this app recently but it changed my life. I know some watches have longer screen timeouts than others. That’s why I’ve made a few different animations, longer/shorter. Also the long animations can be fun but after 100 times waiting 4/5 seconds just to see the time gets old and you may want to downgrade to a shorter animation. Either way I’m glad you enjoy the faces. I have lots more ideas forthis series including adding other data like battery %'s and such. Also thank you @GAUSS, glad you enjoy them.

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You´re welcome. This LED-grid is pure magic and it has a lot of potential and possibilities if you use them wisely.

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Right! I had so many ideas flowing through my head I was thinking, ok calm down let’s focus on one at a time. Haha I have so many drafts right now as it is. Haha Thank you though, I’m glad you like it and pure magic? That’s better feedback than I could have hoped for.

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So I finally figured out how to get a ticking hour hand and so I updated my v100 faces in this series. I respect your opinion and your willingness to tell the truth so I ask you, how do you feel about the v110 and v120 not having a traditional hour hand? I like things that aren’t the normal way of doing things but not everyone feels the same way. Should I add a traditional hour hand to these faces like the v100 or leave them the way they are? Here’s a link to the collection so you can inspect them if you would like. Also I would appreciate feedback from anyone else that would also care to share their opinion.

*currently working on a banner for this collection

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Not phantasico but chiming in if you don’t mind… :slight_smile:

As far as the lack of a traditional hour hand, it works for me, especially as it keeps the watch less cluttered. I’ve been playing around with outer ring indicators to show min/hr/etc and I’m all for it!

I can see now why you wanted the hours to click and not be smooth. It definitely works.

IF I had to make a change/suggestion, I might change the color of the second hand indicator. It doesn’t necessarily have to be contrast like red/yellow but maybe a darker shade of the watch’s color theme.

Also, ideas for future revisions, take it or leave it for what it’s worth :smiley:

To get even more minimal have the “hour dots” be a different color and the center dot change to match whichever hour dot is current. IE: 8 is red, 9 is orange, 10 is yellow, etc… at 10:10 the center dot would be yellow.

For the minutes, maybe have the whole watchface fill as it completes the hour. Right now it’s a single line sweeping through the hour. Or vice versa, start “full” and slowly empty as the hour advances.

Love the watch!

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Thank you for the suggestions! With this concept there are so many possibilities and more and more ideas pop into my head each day. I’m really excited to continue making more LED faces. Right now I’m just trying to finish the collection artwork for it and finish my submission for the contest and then I’ll probably start another LED. Their so fun to make too.

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Hi, i was on a small journey today …

I just had a look and i must confess, i am not sure what to tell you in this case…

For me, you did a great job and it´s very good without a hour hand.

But your potential customers may think different and maybe a little bit old fashioned.

My Tip: Do, what you like to do! Create, what you want to create. Don´t care about others, do your style. You have to be happy with your result.


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Well I appreciate the feedback, I’m truly grateful to both of you for sharing your thoughts with me. I really love this facer community. I had no idea what I was getting into when my friend handed me my first smart watch as a gift but now that I’m here I could never go back!
Cheers, Orakix

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Here’s the new promotional image for this collection. I don’t feel like it’s quite right but I’m getting pretty tired. :laughing: what do ya think? I don’t feel like it’s quite balanced right.


I like it!

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