[Watchface] Lightning (Name not final)

Since my last face was a more realistic analog face but inspired by a game, I decided to try another realistic analog but not inspired by a game. Instead I went for a more clean white and blue design. Thoughts? Areas to improve? Still trying to think of a good name too so if you have any thoughts.
Thank you!

Hmmm. To be honest… this is not my style, sorry. To much contrast for me. And a little bit chaotic in concept. Besides, such watch faces are battery costly.

Your last one was far better.

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Now worries. Everyone has there own preferences. I had wanted to make a high contrast. It’s true about battery drain. But might still publish. Some might still like the style and seems a waste to not publish.
But I agree. Next face will draw more from my last watch face. Thank you for your input @GAUSS

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Looks good, you have a nice collection of metallics, bezels, and shadows. Can you give the same treatment to the hands? something also metallic? Or if they are painted hands make the edge a little thicker?


Thank you! Which hands? All of them? Can do. Definitely feel like I am reaching the limits of what powerpoint is capable of. (not to say it can’t do a lot). Might need to get back into photoshop.

Just the hour/min hands. The small dial hands are good as just painted hands

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Thank you. I attempted to add the same treatment to the hour and minute hands.

Hi Orion, first of all, great work and I can tell you are serious about your designs.
Lets begin with the pros: love the DIM mode and the look of the dials. Overall look is catchy too.
Now the maybes: I dont know about the diferent color of the numbers, I like the dark blue but I dont know if the others work just that well. And the step count, you have a dial for that, do you need the numbers too?
Keep facing, have fun!

Thank you so much it means a lot. Dim mode is always one of my favorite areas and I like the glow look a lot. I’ll play with making all the numbers the same dark blue and you may have a point about the numbers for step count, I may just have the dial.

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