[Watchface] Looking for suggestions

This is an update to an existing face I’ve been working on for a bit. I designed it to give me some quick gee-whiz info for stargazing such as temp, wind speed/direction, and humidity. It also gives me the moon’s age and illumination.

I am not sure how I feel about the layout - whether it looks good or needs some kind of better organizing.


See how you have the bottom 2 areas that curve with the face border? I think you need to do more of that with the rest of the panels. Those two seem to fit nicely, but the others look like you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole lol!

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Agreed. They just look tossed in there, which I kinda what I did as I added them. Trying to think of a better way to organize the data. Hmm

The data is organized fine, you just need to maybe tweak the borders of the panels they’re contained in. Like you did with the two on the bottom.

heres a really rough example of sorta what i mean

I would round the edges and all of course, this is just to give you an idea, but this might also give you more space for your data and maybe even let you make some parts a little bigger.

Oh I gotcha! I’ll tweak the edges to round them out and see how that looks. Thanks!

Yea no problem, of course this is just my opinion, and the face looks good as it is, but maybe it gives you a different way to look at it. Maybe even try removing a panel here or there and just have the info against the background, like maybe for the time at the top. Good luck, and let us see when you’re done!

I went in and opened it up, rounded the edges more to contour to the round shape of the watch. I need to spread the 5 day forecast data out now to fill in the negative space. Need some ideas for the left and right of the time. Was thinking maybe some gears? I want to maintain a space-esque feel.

How about some light up buttons and switches like you’d see inside a shuttle?

Oh i just scrolled up and saw what you did, looks much better to me!

I really wish smart watches supported moon rise and set times

@HellionTRD your update looks great! Those were good suggestions from Rator

so I have now added gears to the top corners to fill in some blank space. Curious as to what I should put in the two lower areas I highlighted. I feel more gears would make the already-busy face just too busy.

why do you feel like you need to fill that space? Just as in music, where we say what you don’t play is as important as what you do play, space is your friend! I think it looks fine as is, the space allows your eyes to zero in on the info in that panel. I’m not sure if you can do it here since there’s no room to grow up/down in that panel, but the other option with space is to enlarge type to make it more readable. Your eyes may be better than mine, but I’m certain I would not be able to read those temperatures in the 5 day forecast. Not to single your face out, that’s an issue for me with a lot of info-loaded faces.

Well put. And that is a viable option, a simple font increase, space things out a tad and voila!