[WatchFace] Lunar Orbit - now Featured :)

A new design based on orbiting clock dials and moon images.

  • The dials and moon images orbit in a clockwise direction once every 24hrs.
  • The moon images also orbit in the opposite direction ( 180 deg per month ) to show the moon phase.
  • The outer ring shows the time in 24hr format
  • The date is shown by large central digits

  • The main clock dial shows the time in 12hr format and the battery charge is given by the lower dial.

  • The secondary dial has:
    • equation of time dial ( upper middle )
    • steps dial ( lower middle )
    • sunrise indicator hand ( left pointing arrow, 24hr time scale )
    • sunset indicator hand ( right pointing arrow )
    • current local time in 24hr format ( small blue V indicator )
    • Solar time ( Sun hand )
    • Moon hand showing position in orbit relative to sun ( solar time )

The second moon image comes from “The Great Moon Hoax” newspaper reports from 1835

I hope you like it …


The background image is of the “Southern Beehive Cluster” taken from my backyard.


Wonderful. Congratulations.

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Great watch face!!

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Very impressive!

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Thanks guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Great design !
… and nice view from you backyard :wink:

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Thankyou very much :slight_smile:

My main hobby for the past few years has been astro photography but the weather has been terrible here over summer so designing watch faces has nicely filled the gap since I got my watch for Christmas.

Below is my favourite image from around this time last year; I have been trying to think of how best to use it with a watch design …


Wow! Great photo!!

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Thanks @GAUSS!

In case anyone is interested, I have more at http://flickr.com/photos/mike-oday/ and most images also have notes on how they were taken.

This one has a total exposure time of over 12 hours and is also an HDR image; it has to be as the dynamic range, between the the bright central star Eta Carinae and the darker parts of the nebula, is nearing 30bits from memory.


I will have a look. I love deep space and nebula pictures. I already have a lot of hubble pics an my Harddisk.

My favourite is the horsehead nebula.

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That was one of my first, back in 2014 …

I might have another go later this year - I am much further up the learning curve now and I should be able to improve upon it.

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You should make a space watch face from some of these pictures.

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Good idea - I’ll have to think about it. :slight_smile:

Waaaaow, I’m starry-eyed ! Love your pictures, for sure you have a talent for that
My favourite one is your waxing moon on flickr. Amazing texture :


Thanks, that is very kind of you! And yes, the low angle of the sun really does bring out the texture on the surface.


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Very nice design!


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cheers, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Just been Featured :mask:


Great Job, well deserved!

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