[WatchFace] Lunar Orbit Premium - Published :)

Lunar Orbit updated!

In August of 1835, Sir John Herschel discovered that the Moon was populated by an amazing array of fantastic creatures. The second moon image shows the view he saw … :slight_smile:

This update adds themes, adjustable moon glow “reflections of the watch glass” and make the watchglass itself adjustable. Also, the graphics have been reworked to increase the apparent depth of the various elements of the face and the date in the centre is now displayed using 3d numerals on rotating wheels.

Tap on the centre of the face to unlock the user controls to adjust the watch glass, moon reflection off the glass, second hand display and colour theme for the hands. Please see the images below for the user guide.

The image of creatures on the Moon comes from the “Great Moon Hoax” of 1835, The Sun newspaper, New York.

Coming soon!




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Thanks :slight_smile:

Now published!


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@mikeoday really nice, congratulations. Another center.

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Thank you very much!

I’m very picky with watch faces, especially because the Samsung Active 2 has such a weird screen what with its giant bezel and dark colors always looking way too bright, but this is great work. I love the tiny details, the subtle motion, the colors. Great stuff!

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Very, very nice :clap:
Great concept & well executed.

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Thanks for your kind words @AllenMiquel, much appreciated!

Thanks @mountain_lion that is very kind of you :slight_smile:

Slick stuff there, Mike.

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