[WatchFace] Lunar Tourbillon II & III

Second design of the Lunar Tourbillon, in black and rose-gold. Hope you like it!


It is indeed a beautiful watch face! It goes so well with my rose gold watch. :heart_eyes:


Thanks! And thanks for wear it!

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Wow, that’s a good looking Fossil watch! and a great looking watch face!

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Thank you. I’m enjoying the watch so far. My attempt at a wrist selfie doesn’t do the Lunar Tourbillon justice. I don’t know if the room lighting was poor or whether the watch dimmed as I took the photo.

Very cool looking watch face. Okay… pink isn‘t really my style, lol. But you have to serve the ladies for sure.


Theres the black version for you @GAUSS, it should look great in your new Ticwatch Pro :wink:

Haha… :joy: i am poor customer, never bought a watch face yet. The only one i am thinking about purchasing is the new scuderia from @grr.

But i was already thinking about something similar a few month ago… simply the best way to combine the moonphase with the inner bezels.

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You won’t get rich making watch faces for ladies, but it’s nice when one of the Premium Designers creates something special like that.

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Thanks, @carlosfilippa for the black version!

Looks very nice on my new ticwatch pro!

Greetings, GAUSS.