[Watchface] Luxury Sun/Moon Phase Tell Me What You Think

Tell me what you guys think of this watch

Sorry, I don’t exactly know how to insert the actual watch preview into this…

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Well… it doesn‘t look very luxury to me, the overall graphics are not that good. The layout itself is okay but you should enhance your graphic skills. BTW: This is no moonphase dial, it‘s a day/night cycle… And one of your watch hands is off center…

Greetings, GAUSS.

The trick is to place the link to your watch on a separate line with no other text before or after it on the same line.

Hi williamii,
I realize that you are new at this so just keep working. We’ve all been new here at one time. The regulars here are very helpful so keep asking questions and all will come together as a great learning experience.
One tip that I will suggest is that labeling our own work as “Luxury” “Elegant” “Cute” “Lovely” "Adorable’ etc. isn’t always a good idea because the consumers may not agree. Simply state the facts in a description. People will decide for themselves when they view it. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the resources available. See what types of things others are producing. Practice, practice! All of us are still learning.


Thank you all for helping me. I realized how much of a noob I am at this so the basics that I now know will help me a lot.


I checked out your gallery of designs and you have made a great start. I particularly like your “SimpleLine Minalistic Watch”.

Just a note of caution ( to save you wasting time developing a watch face you can not share), any design you come up with that makes use of registered trademarks or brand names risks being taken down for “copyright” violation. You can create such watches for you own use ( just keep them as drafts and load them to your watch from the web browser ) but they will likely be removed if you publish them.

I look forward to seeing you future designs!

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