[WatchFace] M1N1M4L.08

Here’s my play on the endless color combo design. M1N1M4L.08 will be releasing soon. 1000 color combinations.


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Hi @eradicator09,

nice m1n1m4l one… The comfort for user could be a bit higher, if you add also a back(wards) (VAR -1) possibility :wink:

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Very nice one!

@Tomas is right - Going backwards will be better but it´s not that easy to achieve because of another button you will need.

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Don’t forget … Less is More sometimes.

A palette of colour combinations, but with the ability to still make changes (from a smaller subset) might be better than 1000 colours.

(I agree) And a back button (if you have 1000 combinations).

Once you find something you like, you may never get it back if you try something else.

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I don’t think there needs to be a back button. That would mean you needed 3 back buttons. There is room for them but I just don’t feel it’s necessary. There’s not enough colors that you have to cycle through forever to find the right color for each. Lots of combinations sure but that’s because there’s exponential growth when it comes to combos.

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Overall I had the same thoughts about a back button. Like @syntaxracing said, that would mean 3 more buttons. Being that the design is very simplistic and minimal I worried about placement and having a natural feeling of where the buttons may be placed.

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I’m not totally in favour of on-face buttons, other than for key / specific functions (stopwatch, switch to alt. timezone, etc.)

eg. for screen colour(s) / brightness: 3-4 pre-defines that you always use.

Better would be a setup page (on watch, or your Facer account) where you could ‘peruse’ (fancy word) the colour palettes (combos), set 24hr / timezone, etc. … and get back to the smartwatch being a nifty time-keeping device.

IMHO: This is a new ‘feature’ that still needs to evolve.