[watchface] Make Your Own Masterpiece

This is a highly interactive face which is a lot of fun as nearly every element is independently configurable allowing you to create your own masterpiece in the classical style. Every smallest detail has been given maximum attention to create something truly stunning on the smart watch screen.

Open the control menu where you can choose from 4 different guilloche textures for the outer ring and center dial (mix or match!), Choose silver, rose gold, or blued steel hands, choose Roman or Arabic numerals, select whether or not to have a moon phase or just seconds sub dial, (moon phase can be either blue or slate, and use the Facer color picker (themes) to choose a color. 100’s of combinations!

And with all that there is also the B Sharp Hybrid Mode to have quick access to smart watch info (weather, steps/distance, heart rate)

Have a look at the watch guide pics and demo video! And I believe you can play with the live demo below except for the color picker which only works on the watch.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches
Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


It’s great

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Thanks @9004mail !

Perfect, Master

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Hey, thanks @turkfx! Glad you like it. I think this style is a bit out of the mainstream here in Facer but I’m glad to know there are those of you who appreciate it :grin:

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