[WatchFace] MbM - Crazy Boat by John Morga (with new accelerometer formulas!)

Hey everyone,
I’ve been working with support and altered all of Accelerometer formulas in my original CRAZY BOAT so that it officially works (tested by engineering) with Android and Tizen.

Back online and available! Works more smoothly. Walter is still not in the least bit excited about the new math.


I’m going to need to fix my cat watch too. I still get issues with the accelerometer not working.

Yeah support suggested the formulas running on Wutronic’s Cosmonaut watch. So I’m doing that for X and Y at 3-times the values.

X = (160-clamp(accelerometerX()*3, -25,25)))
Y = (160-clamp(accelerometerY()*3, -25,25)))

and then just adjusting the placement of the items (xxx-clamp(etc… There are 13 layers.

For the rotation on all layers, I dropped that to the simplest raw x and y. It’s just:
(accelerometerRawX() * accelerometerRawY())

Seems to work in both OS’s for what I’m doing.