[WatchFace] MbM - Planar Tourbillon by John Morga

Hey all,
Here is my latest building upon the Piaget Altiplano open skeleton/tourbillon styling. This is the face I spent a bunch of time on trying to replicate a high RPM tourbillon movement by animation instead of a rotation formula. Hope you like it!



I dig it. Is the purple color themeable?

I didnt get that far yet, I may go two-tone with one of the colors themable

That’ll work. I’d probably have the larger gear and three to the right of it rotate too for more effect. It may cause an animation performance hit though. Is there a way to incorporate a date indicator as well? Or would that clutter it up?

I was thinking of an upgrade later of more information in the purple panel to the right. I was also thinking of steam-punking the whole thing out as well. I definitely see Georges Piaget turning over in his grave on that one.

Love your work dude!

Thanks man and the same for you! :+1: