[WatchFace] Midnight Style - Tourbillon - Published :)

A unique and modern watch face with classical styling that you can colour and configure to suit your watch and your taste.

Tap the centre of the face to unlock the user controls for colour theme, watch glass, dial brightness and second hand colour. Note that the Tourbillon will spin in active mode but will rest when your watch goes into dim mode.


Available now!



Very nice !!!
Waiting the publishing :slight_smile:

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Now published.


I really like the dressy style alongside the Breguet hands. The hour markers also very much suit the theme. One piece of criticism is that the tourbillon looks a bit cartoonish. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback - the Tourbillon looks really good on my Samsung and on my wife’s Michael Kors but I think you are right, it does not look at its best on the big screen - a bit too sharp and, yes, perhaps a bit cartoonish. It is a difficult balance trying to get something that looks sharp and colourful on the small screen of a watch without looking “too much” on the computer screen!