[WatchFace] Mil-W-46374 Desert Army - Published :)

A desert style variation on the standard Mil-W-46374 military watch.

User selectable light on dark version:

And darker still ( same as dim mode ):

Available now!




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Hmmm, cannot wait to test it!!

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Still adding and testing the customisations. Hopefully it willl be out early next week :slight_smile:

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Another good job.

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Thank you very much!

Controls are done, banner is ready, should be out next week!



Looks awesome! If you don’t mind me suggesting, what would it look like with the logos and wording on the same color as the numbers and ticks on the the darker mode?

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Thank you very much and no, of course I don’t mind you making the suggestion :slight_smile:

I did think about it and I’m still a little undecided.

Originally the logo and text were “embossed” into the dark background of the “Army” version of the face. For this version I did not change that so they ended up always dark.

But, I will try out your suggestion to see how it looks.


AoD friendly?

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Yes, should be.

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Now published!


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Mmm, it just occurred to me that AOD friendly might mean different things to different people.

To me it means “Nice and bright, attractive and easy to read”.

Others might mean “kind to the battery”.

So this one I hope meets the first definition. Not so sure about the second. It meets the “less than 15% illumination” criteria but other than that I don’t know. I only have to charge my Samsung every second night with any of my faces - this one should be the same.

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For what it is worth, my Samsung Watch reports an On Pixel Ratio ( OPR ) for this face in dim mode of 10.5%.

_"On Pixel Ratio (OPR) _
As the always-on states is a low power mode, OPR (on pixel ratio) is limited to be less than 15%. OPR is the ratio of the sum of each pixel’s RGB values to the value when all pixels of the screen are white. As more pixels have RGB values or the sum of RGB values are higher, the OPR value also increases. For example, the OPR value of white(R255, G255, B255), red(R255, G0, B0), and black (R0, G0, B0) each results in 100%, 33.3%, and 0%. As the OPR value increases, the electricity consumption level goes up as well. However, even with the limit on OPR value, there is still a variety of styles available, so try out various concepts to express your creativity." from: https://developer.samsung.com/gear/design/home-structure/watch-face