[Watchface] Milano - red 🇮🇹

People really can change! I never did like red watch faces, but lo and behold, now I am compelled to do red editions of many myself. This one seems a good vehicle for it. I also discovered today that the stock steel strap from the Carlyle is a great match with the titanium case of my Summit 2. :heart_eyes:

This face features central minutes/hours, small seconds, date, watch/phone battery, and a fun multi purpose sub dial. this dial at one o’clock has a moon phase in the center, and the red and white wheel adjusts its ratio and position against the 24hr scale to indicate the daily sunrise/sunset time as well as day/night ratio.

A future premium version will combine multiple color themes as well as integrated selectable Hybrid Mode for essential smart watch info.

Enjoy this FREE release! and be sure to follow B Sharp here on Facer and on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bsharpwatches


Professional as usual… GJ bro!

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Thanks @safesz !

I never thought I’d like red on a watch, I usually avoid it. But this works beautifully

Thanks! That’s pretty much how I’ve been with red too. But as I said, I’ve changed my tune.