[ Watchface ] Minimal Dark/Green V4.2

Please see the below watch face and give me some feed back. I am new and you will be seeing more faces from me in all categories. Any advice is gladly welcomed.

Thank you.

sorry about the double post.

Dim side is missing.

Some suggestions…

You can add some depth/3d to your watchface which will greatly improve how it looks. There’s a button next to the rocket icon to automatically add it, or you can duplicate a layer and move over a pixel in each direction and darken it.

I like the Day/Date placement, it made me realize I could have been placing it in such a way.

The blue second hand can fade when it passes over similar colors, hence the 3d shadow to improve on it.

Maybe place the feet under the step count to organize/balance the face better… everything else balances, top/bottom, left/right… and then there’s that. same with the logo – it’s too subtle IMO. If it was more visible it could balance the other on the left side of the face.

Hope this helps! Welcome!

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those are some great pointers/ideas that i will gladly work with and update.

Thank you.

I did fix the dim side now, although i’m not sure how the bright green hands would drain the battery if left on all the time. I will test it out.

@cth4242 - I have done what you suggested and it does help alot from previously (good considerations for future designes). Although I may need to go with a different color second hand as it still blends even though it has the shadow added.

Nice entry.

I would change the size of the complications.

Why so small?

With more size everything gets a better readability.

Thank you, now that you mentioned it, I found myself having to stop and look at the watch in order to read the date/steps/weather etc. I did enlarge it now that you mentioned it. I will try it out and go bigger or smaller as i use it. see below.

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Looks like everyone has you covered on this one just wanted to stop in and say good work.

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I my self would like a digital section where the weather is at place the weather near the top that’s just me I buy a lot of watch faces I like the color combination green black and blue

My favorite colours are black, white, silver and red.

Thank you, i like to hear what people are wanting and i am working on the multiple color choices also…coming soon

I’ve been using this website for designs lately… posting it in case it helps…

It lets you pick complementary colors/etc (2, 3, 4) and it’s an easy way to remember the hex codes when switching between colors/layers without writing them down. I’ll have it open in the background and switch over to the window and cut/paste the code (since the app doesn’t have an eyedropper tool to quickly recall colors)


Thank you for this! I bookmarked it awhile back but just now got around to using it. This was very helpful.

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When I’m working on a watch, I have sticky notes every where with the color codes I’m using and the different tags and equations covering my desk :slight_smile: I guess to some it would seem I’m working when they look at my desk.