[ Watchface ] Minimal Movies - The Shining

Ok, trying something new here…

If it’s popular I may make more of them.

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Nice Idea and well made. I don‘t know if it will get popular and will be accepted from the users.

Try out and you will see.

Very nice.

I think you were right in saying this was something new and it’s definitely interesting. I think it’s well done for what it is so only one way to find out if it will catch on. Good luck though!

I think nice, short opening effects are best. The Mini story is great but it‘s more or less a gimmick that will become boring soon.

Most users seem to like ultrarealistic looking sport-, race-, sci-fi- or military watch faces with a maximum of complications that‘s my conclusions, based on syncs.

I like animations, silly and/or experimental watch faces but they are not much appreciated by the masses.