[Watchface] Mk-16 Gauges

Wanted to include some digital style gauges in one of my watch faces so I decided to do a twist on my Mk-8 design. Would love to know what you all think and for any feedback for improvements. I know the way I did the dials wasn’t the easiest or cleanest.
Thank you!


Oh i really like this so much!

It’s a nice watchface but i do have 2 questions:

  1. Why do you keep the outer dials on a digital watch without hands?

  2. Why are the Battery levels and the stepcounter value hidden in the dim mode?



Was playing around with the outer dial. Thinking about getting rid of it.
Do you mean the gauges hidden in dim mode?
Thank you.

Great design. I like it.

Thank you!

I would remove it. It‘s definitly a digital watch. :joy:

Haha fair enough. I removed it and made the gauges visible in dim mode. Thank you.

You‘re welcome.

Hmmmm… But now it looks naked at the outside. May you should add a nice deco ring or something like that…

Yeah true. Just trying to think of what would work well for a nice deco ring without being too much.

So I am working on testing out this watch face inspired by car gauges and based off of my last watch face Mk-16 Gauges.

Thoughts or places to improve on this one would really help. Really want to dial it in to be as good as it can be.
Thank you all!