[Watchface] Mk-21 Reactor

Hello all, Just finished and published my newest design. Was going for a nuclear power plant control center. For battery percent, once below 20% REACTOR changes to CRITICAL and a indicator flashes. Core temp is outside temp and watch your step is current steps. Went for a distressed and rusted design. Feel like it turned out pretty good.
Hope you all like it!


Well done! I like it very much… The only thing, the Under Armour logo in the middle? Lol just kidding…

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Haha thank you. Didn’t really notice it looked like that.

Lol! Very nice!

Turned out pretty good? I think it turned out great! Don’t get me wrong this face is perfect this way however I wonder what it would be like if you put a rand function on the blinking icon for critical battery level. So that it “flickers” instead of “flashing.” What do you think?

Thank you! That could be really cool too. Thoughts on implementing it as a rand function?