[WatchFace] Mk-8 - Thoughts?

I am pretty new to creating and have only created a handfull of designs so far. This is my best one so far. I would love any kind of feedback or thoughts on it. Thank you!


I like it.

Clear look, good colour combination with all neccessary data.

Thank you! Been browsing a lot of faces that people seem to like and trying ones to see what I like.

Looks good. All the information and easy to read. I will be adding this one to my wearing lineup :thumbsup:…when I’m not wanting a compass, tide and forecast :wink:

Ok…I am wearing it now…I have a samsung gear s2, I do like the time digits color. But on the heart rate and steps numbers, the background “numbers” are to bright and interferes with me being able to read the actual steps and heart rate. Only other thing (if it was mine…personal preference only) I would make the background “numbers” behind the time a little less noticeable as well (not much less though). Besides that I like the way it looks on my watch a lot. Good job :thumbsup:

Nice! Clean, simple. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Just want to make the best watch faces I can. I made the adjustments to the background numbers so hopefully that should make it easier to read.

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Nice and clean… even i don’t really apreciatte digital watches, :slight_smile:

Thank you. Fair enough haha. Im not always into digita but can be useful for just a quick glance. Just made this analog watch face and going for a more realistic look.


The adjustments are just right now in my opinion. However , ( being picky/feed back :wink:) the weather text and location text aren’t even. Also when the weather text and location are long, they run into each other. Also the weather text runs out under the screw on the left as well when it is long. Again, nice work for digital face.

Thank you. Yeah I have noticed that. Trying to think of how to fix that issue with the text. Especially with it being longer. Feel like those two lines of text cannot be side by side for that reason. I am very picky and a perfectionist as well so no worries.

Yeh…any smaller and it would most likely not be readable. Maybe make the temp a little larger where it kind of matches the size of the high/low temp together and have it about the same position/even.
Then eliminate the location (my opinion is they should know where they are :smile:, but some people might find useful…) and just center the weather text…some options

I made those changes and it does look a lot nicer. Cleaner and more balanced. Thank you again.

The changes on mk-8 Looks good!

Very nice, but you should use your own brand.


I agree! You could get flagged, plus it’s better to create and modify in your own style :slight_smile: Tributes are good every now and then, but I love coming up with crazy originals :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yeah I was unsure about publishing that face. I want to make very realistic analog faces. Making them from scratch is more rewarding. What programs and resources are you all using to design parts like the dial and hands?

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I am working with Autocad in 3d and Photoshop.

All photoshop for me. Even though I will start to dabble in PowerPoint and think maybe autocad also…but just PS for now

Photoshop for me too :slight_smile: Sometimes with Powerpoint and a tiny bit in Autocad (very rarely).

Thank you all. I have been thinking about using mostly PowerPoint since that’s what I currently have access to. Would love photoshop or autocad. Have used autocad in the past for other projects though so that would be fun.

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