[WatchFace] Modern Times & Metropolis

After doing Melies Moon I could not avoid the temptation to make a nice skeleton with the gears of Charles Chaplin’s Modern Times. This is my humble tribute to such a movie.


Your making some real nice faces!!

I like the “out of the box” design, not just the easy lazy stuff (like a lot of mine :P)
I give two kuddo’s and a tab on your shoulder ! I’m just a Troll but also a huge supporter off original work !!

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Thanks, but here I will disappoint you (I hope not). Made this new one with very little work. Of course, Metropolis!

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It’s not about the amount of work, it’s the idea!!!

Working hard and making something average is dumb… having a great idea make it in a minute and create something original is how you stand above the rest…

And most off all… don’t care about what others think… be happy with what you create… only if you need to make money, others have to like you work… that is why I will never want to be “premium”… I make what I like and don’t care poop what other think of it :slight_smile: I like it when they use my face (I do have an ego) but I don’t jump a bridge if a face only get 100 syc’s I have seen your weather faces and they also are well made !!

There are a lot of very good brains here making great faces… I hope one day people can vote to make great designers premium… But as long staff is not even open for real suport that will never happen and I not going to buy this any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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These are great! Keep up the good work my friend :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I will try:wink:

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One question for the FacerApp guys: the image sequence preview doesn’t work in the phone Facer App. Any tips, hints, solutions?

@carlosfilippa , just a tip, if you usually use @Facer_Official to ask them, it will tag them and they are more apt to see your question.

At times they are so busy they might miss it. :slight_smile:

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We’ll look into this @carlosfilippa! Thanks for the report!