[WatchFace] Moonar Orbit by Gregbern

Far, far away, in another galaxy, a moon orbits an Earthlike planet as the seconds tick by.
I’ve used multiple expressions to achieve a believable effect of a moon orbiting a planet on an almost flat plane.

Please post your comments and let me know what you think.

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I would say, as it is a watch, it should be the numbers which have the focus, and not the orbiting planet (the numbers are difficult to see). personally, I would not go and look on what’s move around on my watch, but only on what the time is!

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I like the concept of the watch. It is great to see how you created the realistic effect of the orbit planet actually get small when it goes away. I am in no means an artist or watch maker but looking at it from if I put this on my watch and viewed it, these are the things my brain is having a some questions.
I am trying to figure out if that is two earths, or just moons. I think my literal brain is getting in the way. I think if you made one of the objects orbit as the minutes and the other as the seconds… Or use the thing going around the numbers in a comet shape. Something that makes me understand why two different objects have two different orbits. Also, tighten up the hands you use. The planet/moons are realistic but the hands look like they were just thrown on. I don’t know how you could do it, but the planet rotate with day and night. The font reminds me of NASA.
I would like this to succeed so please don’t think I am only being harsh. Like I said, I see what you are going for and like what you have, it’s tighten up a couple things and you could have something. Will be looking forward to seeing more from you.