[WatchFace] Moto GP Mk.2

Rescaled the face to reduce the size of the outer border and increase everything else a little over 10%…

I would love to hear what you think?

The colours are new for me, do you think they work?


I Think: Nice! Creative and unique wartchface.

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Thank you very much!

Still not sure about the colour - I’ll see how it goes; if it proves popular then I might use it again …


Just copy it and try a red version…


Good advice, I think I will try red and maybe something else - not sure what yet :slight_smile:

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I think an orange or cyan might look good against the black.


Cool, thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try them out.


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I like where you’re at but maybe a hint more green and less yellow.

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Thanks - I’ve pulled it down for the moment. I’ll make the changes and try again!

Thanks everyone for your input