[WatchFace] My Digital Earth

This is my attempt at Lazarus’s Digital Earth as i felt the time was not very readable for those of us that are visually impaired. I made the time a vibrant blue colour which (i think) makes it more readable. This is only my 2nd attempt at a watch face so comments / suggestions welcome.

Merry Christmas Glenn - Nitronoddy

Hi @nitronoddy, flattered that you like my design but your version is almost identical to one I’ve already published with a bolder font as suggested by another user who also had trouble reading the original font:

Whilst I would encourage you to design using the Facer app, it’s great fun, publishing copies isn’t really OK so can I ask you to take it down please. Because of my middle age astigmatism many of my designs have large bold text to aid the visually impaired, examples are:

Anyway, keep on Facing!

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