[WatchFace] My entry for the contest -- Simplicity

Yep, another minimalist watchface. Extra simple with no added stuff in it to take away from the elegance. I did play around with the idea to make the color change depending on your battery level. Maybe I’ll add that in at a later date, but I liked the red a lot so I stuck with it.


I actually do really like this design, great job with the lighting too.

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Thank you. The lighting was a bit hard to get right, but I’m satisfied with the result.

Yeah me too. Realistic 3d visuals are my favorite and this is looking pretty good.

Hey congrats on placing in the contest! I knew it was a great watch!

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Thank you very much. And even bigger congratulations to you. Nice work on your watch, it’s really neat. It was interesting following the process in the forums.

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Thank you, it was interesting. I didn’t see that coming at all. I thought my other face I submitted would do better then the winner.