[Watchface] New Black Hawks T900M More metallic than ever!

I passed them my new metallized, themeable and improved version in dim mode. Suggestions are heard!


Lookin’ good @GRR! are you using your own light sources for the metallic background? Or do you start with a downloaded metallic background. If the 12:00 position is 0-degrees, it looks like there’s a light source at 90-degrees (3:00), -135 degrees (10:30) and -150 degrees (7:00).

Also, with that inside circle and the date box, I can visualize the giant “G”. Maybe that’s a new signature series for you! Do you see it?



You really are a teacher of observation! I think you discovered something that gave me a new focus on my next designs and as you say surely is my new signature on the designs … Probably this update it highlighting this finding. Thank you!