[Watchface] New collection "Basic"

Hi there,

Just back from holidays !!! So, I got the time to finalize some pending designs. I
hope you will enjoy it :wink:


Cool designs! The top one is my favourite but all are great.

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Thanks a lot @mikeoday !

Agreed, top one looks familiar but cant place it. Ie like the On Air one is it broadcast related?

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Thanks a lot @dave6 !
Actually, about the title On-Air, the final design reminds me some TV screen tests.

My next project should use the TV pattern test we had got in FR by the past :

Indeed, Am in Broadcast myself and have thought about test card related collections but I saw there where already a few good one out there.

I get so many ideas whilst wtching Life on mars lol. The BBC clock came on last night :smiley: and granade television :smiley:

Right ! Ideas pop up anytime and anywhere. I would like to transform anything in a watchface …
… but I think I’m turning crazy about watchfaces lol !

I should subscribe soon to the Anonymous Watcholic :grin:

nice collection, i love the Fly-R one so much.
I would let you know, as @mikeoday said to me, that if you use this template and you stay in the blue area with your content it will be better to get featured cause the content will be always visible.

Hope it will help you
Cheers orz0

I like your cover design. Did you draw it yourself?

Thanks a lot @orz0.
I wasn’t aware about this template for the banners. Nice to know for the next ones ! Many thanks to you and @mikeoday

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Many thanks @Linlay.
I partly draw the cover by myself with Inkscape. I only cut the pattern on the lower right corner from a bigger piece I have discovered on freepik

First try for the cover with the template. tbh, not easy to keep everything into it ?!!!

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Yep, it’s not that easy…
I had some problems to stay in the blue area too, but at least the most important informations like the name of the collection, the logo and the faces will be always visible, if the rest of the content will be cutted it doesn’t matter

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When I was doing banners I was told that the old template no longer applies. I’ve never had a problem with covers or being featured. Just make it fit your 900x375 template and I think you’ll be fine.


Oh, nice to know that it has been updated @Linlay

What drives me bonkers is that they display differently depending on different browsers. There isn’t much we can do about that. :confused:

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I am really digging On Air. Great layout and colors.

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Thanks a lot @ircrotale !!!

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