[Watchface] New design Black Hawks X300

Hello everyone!
I share this the second of a new series that I started to prepare …
What includes? - Improved design quality - Higher realism - Shadows and volume - Complete calendar - Steps - Battery levels - Wi-Fi signal level - Full-climate H / L - Forecast - Humidity% - Sunrise / sunset time - Digital time 12/24 (according to user preferences) - Improved DIM mode, more realistic! - Bezel and details in customizable color!

Criticisms and suggestions are accepted!

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Very nice design’

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Thanks jimmy!

For me its a great eye catcher - nice color and objects combination and again the “funny” contrast DIM Mode :+1:

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Thanks @Tomas , I’m reading some of your tutorials and probably apply some to my new designs!

Great! I would be happy if somebody likes those effects. Please let me know, if there is something not enough clear described in tutorial :wink: