[Watchface] NEW FASTER MAGNUM interactive!

Here my new interactive design for you to enjoy!

FASTER MAGNUM one of the most complete faces interactive, has 7 backgrounds to combine with the themeables elements that compose it. It has 5 shortcuts to your watch applications like calendar, calendar, activity, alarm and weather! also has an access to my profile that just the precions will show you my facer profile on your phone as if by magic! In one of the mini clocks you can choose the information that shows between heart rate, remembered kms and calories burned. By selecting the only colored screw you can choose the color of the elements such as hands and Dim mode element. Permanently shows the date, temperature, steps, seconds and double clock 12 hours and another 24 hours. What are you waiting for to have the best face of facer? Download it now and check it yourself!


Absolutly cool!

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Wow, now that’s a watch face!! Great work.

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It looks great! :+1:

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