[Watchface] NEW: Galaxy Runner

Here is my latest interactive design - the Galaxy Runner. A fully digital design (which is not my typical fare). Hope you like it! :sunglasses:

For 12-hr and 24-hr time. Tap instructions included in the View

SQUAREES: Have faith, the Square Face version is coming, I just want to do something different with the space floating in untethered mode. (Tap the 12:00 position to un-dock the capsule and float).


Really cool Design! I like the color choices and un-docked mode is really fun. Well done! I can’t wait to have premium tools at some point.

Echoing the undocked mode being fun. Kinda wish I had done that instead of the centered rotation on my watchface. Definitely more dynamic as a result.

I’m drawing a blank on what the six dots are though.

Anyways, great layout and watch!

haha @cth4242,
6 dots: I just wanted some “computer-looking” blinking dots on the display :grin:

It’s actually a binary seconds counter - almost…
no dots = zero seconds
one dot - 1 second
the other dot - 2 seconds
the two bottom dots - 3 seconds, I sort of stacked them to make it more random (or confusing lol).

and so on
000000 (no dots) = 0 seconds
000001 = 1 second
000010 = 2
000011 = 3
000100 = 4
000101 = 5
000110 = 6 etc.

I say “almost” because I want all 6 dots lit at 59 seconds before the next minute starts at zero. So I fudged it a bit {shrugs}

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That’s ok, still looks great! I was able to figure out the pattern but not the exact second but the seconds/milliseconds on the right show so it’s ok. It’s pretty to look at lol.