[Watchface] NEW: Interactive Christmas Ugly Sweater!

Will the weather outside be frightful? You’ll know for certain with my new ugly sweater watch which is coming soon. There’s a few ugly sweater designs out there already - this one’s different. 29 layers of knitted numerals tell the time in either 12-hour or 24-hour format based on wearer’s settings. Tap the bottom panel and the face shows a knitted scene of the current weather conditions plus the forecast over the next three days. I’m almost done…

currently raining (C = current conditions):

Clear tomorrow (1 = Day 1 - tomorrow, and so on for Day 2 and Day 3)


Really well done! Was just thinking of doing a design like this.

Fantastic work, and a lot of, it seems! But it’s a great watch! Congrats!
PS: I was thinking where did you find the font until I read the description :scream: :laughing:

Excellent! A lot of work indeed! Well done. :heart_eyes:

Beautiful a handmade sweater!