[Watchface] NEW: the ASTON

Ahhhhhhh. Finally, another 3-4 weeks of work finished. Here is the Aston. I hope you like it.



Outstanding! :heart_eyes:


Very, very nice! Excellent work. There is only one thing i would change: The sub dial should be available imhO as well in the full face mode.

Excellent job John!

I saw it immediately at high place in the top 50 probably short after publishing…

Let’s go Aston!


Great work, beautifuly done! Congrats!

Yeah I was excited for this one! So glad to see it finished. Incredible work, definitely inspiring. Makes me want to try my hand at a skeleton soon. BTW, I love your M logo on the gear. I think this face puts Waldhoff skelletons on the back shelf.

I still can’t do ‘gold’ texture, that I am willing to share …

But here is my take on what your two gold gears should have looked like: (48 teeth)


Your current design would wobble, due to rotating mass.

haha :smile: I suppose not much of a wobble at less than 1 RPM.

Nothing compared to this 10,000 RPM beast. 338 MPH in 1/4 mile… 544 km/h. Now THAT’S balanced and blueprinted.

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