[Watchface] NEW: the Tachy Traveler

My new Tachy traveler is hopefully NOT tacky! lol. The new design is a combination of traditional analog chrono with a modern high resolution digital backlight that rotates valuable information every 12 seconds. Also includes glass-rail watch hands so you can see the face through the hands, a 24-hour dial, and one tappable complication. There’s also hand animation on wake-up to set the hands to the right time and animation on the backlight to set the lower ticks and the date window. I built this one specifically for the Ticwatch contest. Hope you like it!



Great design for the competition. Nice startup-sequence and the changing displays are very innovative.

One question: Do they change in dim mode as well? Otherwise 12 seconds are a long time…

I really would like to have premium status - alone for the option for tappable complication.

@jmorga106 the watch looks great! I just started with the Facer community last week and just started creating watches myself so please take my criticism lightly. But the only thing that I see are the hand tips (at a quick glance on the watch while on your wrist) blend in with the background. Not sure exactly how to fix since the bottom is all that color but that was just my eyes, not everyones :slight_smile: But I do like the dim display and also the wakeup animation.

Thanks @GAUSS! nope no loading in DIM mode. yes I thought about the 12 seconds but this face is already over 50 layers with lots of formulas… and my brain hurts.

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Thanks @cnaudiffred! Yes the hands are glass rails designed to see-though so they don’t overly obscure the information on the face. Just the tops are opaque so you can still tell time analog.


You‘re welcome, John.

I am planning changing Displays at Startup since a while… in my opinion we only have that small startup time (about 3 seconds) at the moment, since we can‘t display in Dim-Mode and most of the people won‘t keep the watch alive by tapping repeatedly on the screen.

I hope, they once will enhance that and give it a little bit more time on startup or the possibility to use small and batteryfriendly transitions in Dim-Mode.

This would help a lot for creating better and more astonishing watchfaces…

@GAUSS, dont forget about the Staylit App if you’re on android. You can set the stay-alive time to very lengthy times 2 minutes and longer, even leave it on always.


Yes, i know. I was more thinking about all other users that don‘t know about this app.

Yes, very nice design, I can’t see well as it is lol, which I notice on one of my designs that when made larger greatly helped. 50 layers? Wow, it seems I have a long way to go with this community :slight_smile: and again, great work.

Great work John! I like how the information transitions in and out like it’s on a little LCD screen built into a real watch. That’s a good contest submission.

thanks @syntaxracing!