[Watchface] Nightingale

A quick knock up inspired by a request >>


Very nice!

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I like it too

Wondering why the 10/11 & 4/5 are displayed.
Is there a specific reason ?

Or is that the CPR pumps and breaths ?

Someone way back in this forum encouraged me to use empty space, so figured in this case I’d show them. Looked weird without them there too.

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I think you actually did nail it, even though its by accident

“Start CPR with 30 chest compressions before giving two rescue breaths. Trained but rusty. You should pump at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions a minute.”

So that means, 30 compressions = 20 seconds aprox, then 2 breaths

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Lol, If you say so. Seems like I landed on my feet albeit by accident.

The recipient I made it for was happy anyway :slight_smile:

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I improved the effect of the heartbeat that pulses through the heartbeat logo

Very nice

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I’ve had 500+ syncs on this watch in last few days but one follower just reported double time displayed >>

Any idea’s?

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A couple of fault finding questions …

Do you have more than one time layer and use a conditional statement to choose between them?

Does your time text have glow effect enabled?

I had another time layer for the DIM mode but that wasnt enabled for active mode. None the less i deleted that as a matter of course to see if that worked. She hasnt got back to me. And that DIM mode time ha a glow.

The glow effect was problematic a little while ago on some watches - I don’t know if it has been fixed.

The other main issue I have had in the past is syntax that works on the web page and my Samsung but not on all watches. What I have learnt:

  1. never put a conditional statement in brackets ie. don’t write ($…?..:…$)

  2. always put numerical expressions in brackets even inside conditional statements. As in,
    $(#VAR_1%2)>0?100:0$ rather than $#VAR_1%2>0?100:0$

Hope that helps.



Noted mate. Thank you

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