Watchface not updating (weather, location)

My watchfaces are not updating the weather and location. It will remain stagnant indefinitely. However, as soon as I open the Facer app on my phone, the watchfaces immediately update. Any ideas??

Similar problem, except I have to change my temperature scale in my Facer app on my phone for weather and location to update.

I have the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

I’ve had my best luck just opening the Facer app on my phone a few times a day. It usually updates within a few seconds after that.

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This worked for me. On your watch…go to Setting, then go to Apps, then Go to Permissions.
Scroll and find the Facer app, open it…scroll down to Location.
If location is On…then turn it off, then turn back on.
(Even if it warns you some features wont work blah blah, make sure it is off, then turn it back on)

Also on my Iphone, I went into Location (in setting) made sure that was on for facer app.