[WatchFace] OD Antares


My new design is able to sync!
Enjoy it!


@csuporantal Hi, DIM version is great. Please try black as a standard version.

I like both! Good job!

Well done! I agree with @petr.patocka. looks good like this, rose gold just isn’t quite my color and a lot of people like black themed designs. Keep it up! What do you use for designing your faces in?

Beautiful, congrats! I love both modes!

It does look pretty sleek. I miss a second hand though.

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I will make a darker theme version widt darker activ mode design.

Thank you! I draw graphics with InkScape drawing software.

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Thank you very much! I was thinking a lot about the second hand. It will be on the darker version.

Woww…Beautiful, congrats!

Thank you very much!

That would be the darker version.


Love the darker version!!!

Thank you! I’m still working on it.

Very Nice!

The Antares (Rose gold) face updated with second hand. I think it’s better.

Great Job for sure, love all the versions!
I’m using Inkscape too … very nice job with light/shadow effects !!! :wink:

Thank you very much!

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Beautiful work! That champagne gold is my favorite. :heart_eyes: