[WatchFace] OD Dark

I wanted to make a simple, dark design watch face. The DIM mode is not ready yet. Look forward to your opinions.



Excellent work! Looks a lot like a combination lock!

Great simulated depth/light/etc on a clean design!

You need to add a dim mode still, but otherwise, looks great!

Really like your designs. You could do a glowing lume DIM mode. Will this one have Battery level?

Thank You!
What color glowing lume mode? Yellow, or red?
I’m thinking about the battery level.

You’re welcome! Up to you on color. Green is always classic though red or yellow could be really cool.

I am fan of classic look, maybe consider a little larger hands
It looks great…

The DIM mode is ready! Maybe…

Really a very nice look. Great shading, its subtle but implies depth where it should be.
Fantastic job!

Nice, simple and elegant. I like.

Thank you very much! Is the DIM mode not too strong?

If I had to make a suggestion, I’d keep the colors for the arms in dim mode to help them stand out, or change them to something vaguely glow in the darkish…

Try these or keep them white to subconsciously carry over from active mode:

My only comment on the Dim mode would be to add a highlight on the min/hour hands maybe? At the moment they blend in to the dial tick marks a little. Otherwise an excellent design.

Well, red is not the best colour on this displays… maybe make a green or blue dim style…

Briliant. It looks like my favourite Sternglass watch. Only that Silver ring around for me is not needed. When you will release it…I WANT THAT SH*****!

I’ll make the description and upload it! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Now you can sync it! :wink:

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Is it possible to have it on Gear s3 aswell?

Of course, i think you could sync it for Gear S3 aswell.

Unable to sync :frowning:

It is definitly syncable for Gear S3. There must have been something wrong. Maybe you weren‘t logged in while trying to sync…