[ Watchface ] Optimus Prime / Battery Life Dying (Animated)

This one was a little more challenging…

It started out as just an animated EKG over the picture. I wanted to experiment with things and decided to make the background fade and EKG change to reflect the battery life.

Unfortunately, I ran into the joys of 2 questions and 1 condition (battery life, animated frames, etc)

So I ditched the idea of a “medium power” battery life EKG and tried the following:

  • Full battery (Animated eye lights, animated EKG)
  • Med. battery (replace background image with a grayed out Optimus, animated EKG showing still)
  • Low battery (Even higher level background with fully grayed out scene, flatline “animation” (aka moving two EKG flatline images left to right using this tutorial: Moving/Looping Background)

Here’s what it looks like:

and low power:

Can anyone think of a way to do the third EKG? My trick of overlaying new layers when battery life drops can hide the first but a second one would be visible at all times because of the two questions 1 condition rule. That’s why I had to do the flatline another way.