[WatchFace] Orbital Classic -- Made a new one - feedback please!

Hello friends,

I made another one. Tried to play with the bezel more but kept with the time hands from my last design.

When I have more time i’m going to try to make a version with a real earth background and maybe replace the hour/minute/second hands with a shuttle, satellite, and moon - or something like that. Maybe with some 80s colours and styling.

Feedback on this one, however, is much appreciated!

Very nice and clean, and well organized. Colors again are great as are the matching elements! The seconds orbiting is cool!

Only thing to be cautious about, and hopefully others can chime in… locations can vary in length greatly. For me, it’s too much to account for in designs, but others utilize it well. From the looks of things you’re probably ok, but maybe someone can chime in with the largest known city length.

I know I’m paranoid about that sort of thing and will manually change a text field to make sure it fits the longest field needed. (IE: 12:18, etc)

Nice work!

I was worried about exactly this. Initially the font was much bigger, and fit Los Angeles. But then I tried “Los Angeles Montreal” just to see how long it would be, and it was too long.

I changed the font size but it’s not an ideal situation. The longest city name I know about is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, a welsh village. Would be challenging trying to get it to fit.

I think there’s tutorials out there that show how to scroll the text horizontally. So if you want to go that route it may be a possibility too.