[WatchFace] OX | Ascendance v100

I’m pleased to introduce the first Ascendance face featuring 12 and 24 hour time as well as an animated and working chronograph. It’s also packed with style and customization options including 11 bezel colors, 10 glass options, 2 hand options, and 3 different dial information options. PSA This face may lower battery life if you turn the stop watch on and off over and over just to watch the animation like me. If you enjoy this face and want more Orakix watches make sure to follow for notifications!


Very cool design and the video is great!

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Great design ! Like your “X hands”.
Did you use blender for this awesome video ?

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Thanks you guys. I used blender to make the watch face and the background but I used Vegas Pro to make the video.

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This looks awesome! I love the white face with red numbers version! And yes vids great too!

Nice! I like all those exposed wheels.