[WatchFace] OX | LED v200 - Pro

Old-school Digital meets New-school Analog with realistic and working buttons. The next in the LED series is the v200 which includes, 3 different LED patterns, date, distance traveled, heart rate, steps, phone & watch battery, charging and WiFi indicators, current weather condition, low, high, current temperature, and theme-able colors. Also includes a working light that reveals helpful information on the dim screen depending on what screen you have active. This is a must have for fans of the LED series or any Digital watch fan. Follow me to never miss a new Orakix face again!

This is my first attempt at creating a digital face and I’ll admit I bent the rules of an LCD screen but that’s part of the fun of a smart watch. I hope you enjoy.


This is awesome! I like the mix of LED dots and digital. I also like your logo on wake.

Great combination! Congrats! The utility design is awesome!

Amazing work!! Impressive!

Great design @Orakix !! Congrats!!

@Orion Thank you, I’m glad you like the logo. I was contemplating removing it at the last minute. I’m glad I kept it.

@carlosfilippa Thank you, I’m really happy how the buttons turned out.

@GAUSS @dtwatchfaces Thank you both so much!

I saw it on instagram and then I came here to see it. Great design!!

@riczurdo Thank you! I’m glad you like it. Also thank you for following my Instagram!

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Fantastic design, well done!