[WatchFace] OX | Revolution Chrono FMJ200

The Ultimate Realistic Deep Bezel Face. The Full Metal Jacket comes to the Revolution series with realistic lighting, shadows, textures, and reflections. FMJ stays as true as possible to a real analog chronograph watch while still maintaining modern smart watch featrures. Tap the small dials to switch between date, seconds, watch/phone battery, and step counter up to 20k steps. Customize it by selecting your favorite body color/body brightness and choose the color of your indices all on the fly. The FMJ200 is also equipped with an app launcher containing every app shortcut available on Facer today as well as a flashlight! If you love this face please follow me to not miss another FREE or Paid Orakix face!


Very good face @Orakix! Beautiful 3D! Congratulations!

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Very nice design as always! Love the blue and green!


Really well done with the 3D and lighting!

Thanks everyone. Iā€™m glad you enjoy it.

Well done !
Like how you organize the menus and the dials changes !