[WatchFace] OX | Royal v100s

OX | Royal v100s is the first face in my Signature series and is now live. It focuses on beauty and elegance, not all the other distractions in todays world. It features analog time, date, and six customizable parts. You can choose between gold, silver, and black.

Tap between 10 and 11 to open the menu. The menu buttons are shown to you briefly and disappear however they are still there until you tap the X to close the menu. *If you enjoy this face and want more Orakix watches make sure to follow for notifications!


Nice work. Nice Lighting Angle. Not my thing but Respect the Work. Lume the Opal parts of the hands SS to SR ? I know what you say.
Give me some sort of battery power Indicator and I will Sync it.


Nicely done my friend :+1:


Not for my own wrist but definately earns my respect in a design so clean despite the complex imagery.
Only slightly confused by the hour and minute hands being behind the gold scrollwork… Nope, I was until I realised that was part of the hands. Amazeballs as it is maybe silver would be better for the hand holders.


@russellcresser thank you. Im not sure what you mean my SS or SR. Also i really thought about the battery indicator but ultimately I opted out of it because thats just not what this series is about. I agree that i prefer battery on my faces and just about all of them have it… but not this one. Lol

Thanks @icrltd4

@rob.fisk thank you, good news is that you can decide if the hands are held by gold, silver, or black as well as the center piece. You can decide how you want the contrast or maybe you don’t want contrast and you would rather them blend.


It’ll do I suppose…

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@Orakix I meant Sun Set and Sun Rise .