[Watchface] OX | Sport by Orakix

A sporty face with all the information you need for any activity. With high contrast you can easily see this face even outside on a sunny day. The colors in the time fade faster or slower based on your heart rate. No heart rate monitor? No problem, the colors still change but at a constant rate. The time is also slanted to quickly see the time without having to raise your wrist. Quickly change between right or left handed in the settings menu as well as choosing your grid pattern. Tap any of the icons to open a sliding information tab. Enjoy! ~Orakix


Very nice!

I like the layout of it and I also really like the cards that pop up! I think this will sell very nicely.

Very nice work!!


Thanks everyone. This was supposed to be for the Montblanc “Sports” theme but obviously didn’t win so now you all get to enjoy it!


Very nice !
I really like how you organize and animate the tabs :+1:

Good stuff. I am grooving on the controls.

Wow, very good face! Congrats!