[WatchFace] OX | The Ticwatch Revolution

The Revolution v100 is now updated specifically for the Ticwatch Pro with some awesome Upgrades. First I added a 24 hour hand, then I digitalized the information font to appear like a more realistic LCD screen. Also I added a glow effect on the dim screen to more resemble a realistic analog watch at night which also makes the dim mode more battery friendly. The best upgrade of them all is the price, this face is absolutely FREE! Thank you to all of you who helped, supported, and enjoy my work. I appreciate you all. Don’t forget to follow me if you don’t want to miss out on any of my new Premium and/or Free faces.


Looks great!

Awesome work! Well done. Can’t wait until I can finally find some time to finish my lingering projects!

This is awesome! I especially like the dim mode.

Dim-Mode looks very nice.

One small tip you may try out: I would slighty lincrease the luminousity of the red lines in the bezel.

Thank you @GAUSS, @roycaruso, @Orion. I’m glad you enjoy it.

@GAUSS, are you referring to just the dim mode with the red?

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Yes. I mean the dim mode.

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Red is looking much darker than green on a black or dark grey background. Same is with blue.

Most shiny are white, yellow, green, orange and pink. Magenta and cyan are something in between…

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Thank you for the advice. I removed the dimming mask that made the red a bit to dark and in doing so I noticed some wonky shadows that needed to be fixed. It should be updated now if you wanted to take a look.

Looks better for me!

I tell you the truth because I think it’s the only way to be useful and so I like the 3D effect of the main body but I don’t like the four writes… for the font you used I think and for
the vertical orientation of “phone” and “watch”.
Light effect in Dim mode is very nice.
But it’s only my opinion! :wink:

Well thank you for being honest. It’s more constructive that way. It’s understandable that you may not like the “four writes” but the reason they are there are to create the X of my logo. I know not everyone will be into my logo as a design but that’s where the Revolution v200 will come in :wink:

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Your logo as a sign for structure of the watchface is ok:it is a compositive method valid for other disciplines too.
The round shape and the central simmetry make me stand for a concentric alignment… That’s all… But it’s your job and I am talking too much! Sorry sorry sorry

Very Nice and Clean design!